Beach Volleyball

The beach volleyball matches of the 26th Universiade to be held in 2011

1. Competition schedule:

Men’s :August13 — 18, 2011

Women’s: August14 — 19, 2011

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2. Competition venues

The beach of Dameisha Park

3. Participating players

32 men’ teams, and 32 women’s teams

4. The requirements of signing up:

Two teams of each country can join in the competition, with each team two players, no substitutes

5. The requirements of the volleyball court:

The playing court is 16m long and 8m wide, with a minimum of 5m wide and a maximum of 6m wide free zone. The surface of the beach should be smooth, and the beach shall full of soft sand without any stones, shells or any other stuff could harm the players ,and the depth of beach should be at least 40cm deep. Meanwhile, the volleyball should be made of soft and nonabsorbent material so that a competition can still be held despite that it rains. | Editor:Chukinto
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