The taekwondo competition of the 26th Universiade to be held in 2011

1. Competition time:

August18 — 23, 2011

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2. Competition venues:

Conference and Exhibition Center No.6, No.7, and No.8 Pavilions

3. Competition programs

Poomsae Competition

1. Men’s Individual Category
         2. Women’s Individual Category
         3. Men’s Team Category - three (3) competitors
         4. Women’s Team Category - three (3) competitors
         5. Mixed Team Category (Pair) - one (1) man and one (1) woman


Kyorugi Competition

MAN:-54kg;+54kg -58kg ;+58kg - 63kg;+63kg - 68kg; +68kg - 74kg;+74kg - 80kg ;+80kg - 87kg;+87kg;

WOMAN:-46kg;+46kg - 49kg ;+49kg - 53kg;+53kg - 57kg; +57kg - 62kg;+62kg - 67kg;+67kg - 73kg;+73kg

4. Competition introduction

The duration of the contest shall be three rounds of two minutes each, with a one-minute rest period between rounds. The outcome is the sum of scores for three rounds each, the winner is the one who gets the most scores

The competition area shall measure 10mx10m using the metric system. The competition area shall have a flat surface without any obstructing projections, and be covered with an elastic mat. The competition area may also be installed on a platform 0.5m-1m high from the base, if necessary, and the outer part of the Boundary Line shall be inclined with a gradient of less than 30 degrees, for the safety of the contestants

During the competition period ,the blue corner player and the red corner player shall wear sakua, head protector, fingernail guards,, shin guards, forearm guards, groin guards, chest guards,, gloves, and mouthpiece

In the competition, attack by fist and foot techniques on the areas covered by the trunk protector are permitted. However, such attacks shall not be made on the part of the back not covered by the trunk protector, the face area is the fax excluding the back of the head, and attack by foot techniques only is permitted. Yet,, Delivering techniques by using the front parts of the forefinger and Delivering techniques by using the parts of the foot below the ankle bone are permitted.

The valid points are divided as follows: 1) One point for attack on trunk protector; 2) Two points for attack on face; 3) One additional point shall be awarded in the event that the contestant is knocked down and the referee counts.


The Kyorugi competition will adopt the knock-out system. The duration of the contest shall be three rounds of two minutes each, with one-minute rest period between rounds.

In case of tie score after the completion of the 3rd round, after one minute rest a 4th round of two minutes will be conducted as the sudden death (the winner is the contest who scores first) and decision of superiority. The scores and warnings during last three rounds will not be considered. The result of the 4th round is the final. In the event that neither contestant has scored a point after the completion of the 4th round, the winner is decided by the superiority of all refereeing officials who shall record the winner through the superiority cards depending on the initiative show during the extra round,

The Taekwondo tournament of the 26th Summer Universiade will use the electronic protector by WTF. Before the start of every contest, the contestants shall coordinate with the technician officials at the side of the competition area to active and test the electronic protectors and scoring system. During the contest, valid points scored on the mid-section of the trunk shall be recorded automatically by the transmitter in the electronic trunk protector. Valid points to the head, attack by fist or valid turning kick shall be scored by the judges.

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