Tennis of the 26th Universiade in 2011

I. Competition Time:

August 14 – August 21, 2011

Download the Competition Schedule(the PDF File)

II. Competition Venues:

Longgang Tennis Center, Shenzhen Tennis Center (reserved indoor venue)

III. Competition Events:

Men’s event: singles, doubles and team

Women’s event: singles, doubles and team

Mixed doubles

IV. Event Introduction

Tennis is generally played in flat and rectangle grassplot, clench (soft ground) or concrete (hard ground) venue. Tennis court is 23.77 meters long, and 8.23 meters wide for single court and 10.97 meters wide for double court.

Tennis records scores according to the round plate principle in the ancient astronomy, i.e. in every round, 0 represents 0 score, 15 represents 1 score, 30 represents 2 scores, and 40 represents 3 scores. In a round, the player who obtains 4 scores first will win the game. When the score is 3:3, a player will not win the game unless he has obtained 2 scores more than his opponent. During a game, the player who wins 6 rounds first will win. When the score is 5:5, it is required that the winner should win 7 rounds, that means the score should be 7:5. In case of 6:6, a final round (compete for the 7 round) should be played, and the player who first wins 7 scores will beat the other. If the score is 6:6, the winner is required to outnumber his opponent by 2 scores. The best of 5 sets or the best of 3 sets is adopted for men’s single; and the best of 3 sets for women's single and double. | Editor:Ye
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