The basketball matches of the 2011 26th Universiade

1. Matches schedule

August 13 - 22, 2011

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2. Competition venues

The Universiade Center Gym, Pingshan Gym, Luohu Gym, Multi - P Purpose Gym of Longgang Sports Center, Shenzhen Foreign Language School Gym(Yantian) .

3. Participating teams

24 men’s teams, 16 women’s teams




4. Court requirements

The match court shall be a flat, wooden inside playing surface without any obstacles, and the dimension is 28m x 15m. The rectangle basketball court shall measure a minimum of 7m in height from the playing surface, with lighting equipment. This year, the FIBA has modified some standards of the court: 1. the 3 – second area is altered from a trapezoid into a rectangle ; 2. the 3-point line is extended from 6.25m to 6.75m; 3. a fair charge area is set in the 3 – second area. | Editor:Wang
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