Table Tennis

Table Tennis Games of the 26th Universiade in 2011

I. Competition Time:

August 13 -- 20, 2011

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II. Competition Venues:

Shenzhen Bay Sport Center Gym

III. Competition Events:

Men’s event: singles, doubles and team

Women’s event: singles, doubles and team

Mixed doubles

IV. Event Introduction:

The player serving the ball will be scored when the ball returned by the opponent goes out of bounds or hits into the net or when the opponent returns the ball against rules.

The table for the game shall be level and rectangular with a length of 2.74m and a width of 1.525m. Its height above ground level shall be 76cm. The color of the ball shall be white and orange and not glossy with a diameter of 40mm and a weight of 2.7g.

In the singles and doubles, best-of-seven series prevail. There are 11 points for each round, one point for each strike. The player who scores 11 points first wins the game. If the points for both players are 10 to 10, the player who scores two more points than the other player will win. The receiver, upon scoring two points, becomes the server. This rule will continue until the round is over or until both players reach the points 10-10. When the expedite system is introduced, each player is only allowed to serve one ball after each point. | Editor:Chukinto
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