The badminton competition of the 2011 26th Universiade.

1. Matches schedule

August 16 – 22, 2011

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2. Competition venues

Shenzhen Polytechnic Gym and Badminton Hall of Longgang Sports Center

3. Competition programs

Men: Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles

Women: Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles

Mixed Doubles, Mixed Team

4. Program introduction

The badminton court is square, with 13.4m long. The width for singles is 5.18m, and for doubles is 6.10m.

The competition adopts the 21-points system, and the player can gain a point no matter whose service is. All the rallies shall be played up to 21 points, with the maximum of 30 points. Matches are decided on the best of 3 games, and in each game, the player who reaches 21 points first wins the game. If both players reach 20 points, the game continues until one player is 2 points ahead. If both players reach 29 points, the next point is the winner. | Editor:Ye
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