Water Polo

The water polo matches of the 26th Universiade to be held in 2011

1. Matches schedule

Men’s: August 11 — 23, 2011

Women’s: August 12 — 22, 2011

Download the Competition Schedule(the PDF File)

2. Competition Venues

Men: Bao’an Natatorium

Women: Bao’an Natatorium

3. Competition introduction

Water polo is one of the earliest team Olympic Sport. Men's water polo was played during 1900 Paris Olympics, while women's water polo made it is Olympic debut during the 2000 Sydney Olympics

The field of the play is in a standard 50m swimming pool, with the depth of over 2m and the boundary to distinguish the field of play., The area of the field of play is 30x20m by men and 25x20m by women, . The goal is made by a firm beam and 2 gate posts, Distinctive marks, such as caps shall be provided on both sides, the caps color are the same as the ear-covers, but the goalkeeper shall take the ear-cover in red.

Each team consists of 13 players, one of whom shall be the goalkeeper, and no more than 7 players on the field of play. Touching the bottom and the side of the pool during the competition is prohibited. Players shall keep swimming and treading water. The duration of the game shall be 4 periods, each of 8 minutes actual play.

4.Sports Teams


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