Gymnasium of Sports Center of Shenzhen University Town



1. Name

Gymnasium of Sports Center of Shenzhen University Town(for volleyball competition)


Seating Capacity

Distance from the Universiade Village (kilometers)



3. Address

Liuxian Boulevard, Nanshan District

4. Overall description

The gymnasium covers a building area of 14183m2.Part of the building is comprised of three floors.The first floor consists of a competition field and a training field,surrounded by different functional rooms.The entrances for athletes,working staff,VIP guests and media personnel are on the first floor.On the second floor are audience entrances,audience passageways and lounge areas.The spectator stand is on the third floor.

The gymnasium has different functional rooms that are set up according to specific requirements,including four athletes' lounges which range from 128mto 133min size.Some functional rooms are also in the form of temporary structures.

5. Press & Mixed Zones

There is a news conference room,reporters' offices and a reporters' lounge,all conveniently located beside the warm-up court.There is also a media reception desk.

6. Medical Service

Clinics are prepared for both athletes and spectators. | Editor:David Huang
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