Athletic Field of Shenzhen University


Shenzhen Stadium

Shenzhen Stadium

Competition (final)

Seating Capacity

Distance from Universiade Village ( km)



Address: Sungang West Road, Shenzhen

Overall Description:

Shenzhen Stadium has four floors. The entrances are on different floors. On the first floor are entrances for athletes, officials and other working staff. There are four well-equipped athletes’ change rooms, four referees’ change rooms and some office rooms. The spectator seats are arranged in circling the competition pitch.

The stadium also has three VIP rooms that can accommodate 66 people. Its press center covers an area of 200 square meters.

The Shenzhen Stadium meets all FIFA requirements. It has served as a venue for many national and international tournaments.

Press & Mixed Zones:

The press area is located beside the FOP area. The mixed zone is near the entrance/departure path of athletes.

Medical Service:

The stadium has a clinic and a doping control area.   

Stadium of the Sports Center of Shenzhen University Town | Editor:Wang
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