Top 10 busiest Metro stations of Shenzhen revealed

LAOJIE Station in bustling Dongmen, the exchange station for the Longgang and Luobao lines, is the busiest station in the city handling 61,600 passengers a day, a Shenzhen transport commission report showed July 28th.

Laojie Station was followed by Luohu Station (56,400) at Shenzhen Railway Station and Huaqiang Road Station (49,500).

Grand Theater, Window of the World, Guomao, Chegongmiao, Science Museum, Gangxia, Convention and Exhibition Center stations, all in downtown areas, were among the 10 busiest stations, the report said.

Last June, Metro trains had carried 52.62 million passengers or an average of 1.75 million passengers a day, the commission said.

Passenger numbers had tripled after the Huanzhong Line and extensions to four other lines opened.

The Luobao Line was the busiest carrying 840,600 passengers last Sunday, July 24th. 40 percent of the total number of passengers using the rail network that day. Passenger turnover on the Shekou Line continued to increase, handling 267,900 passengers last Sunday. The total number of Metro passengers exceeded 2.1 million last weekend.

To improve efficiency, the Metro had added 105 trains to its original purchase list of 184 trains. The extra trains will greatly shorten intervals between trains.

From Aug. 1, intervals on the Shekou Line will be cut to eight minutes, and nine minutes on the Huanzhong Line. Intervals on the Longhua Line will be shortened to six minutes from the present eight minutes. Longgang Line intervals will be cut to five minutes from six minutes during rush hours.

The Metro service also stimulated bus commuters with more bus routes running to Metro stations.

In the past month, Shenzhen buses carried 5.9 million passengers a day, slightly higher than before the opening of the Metro lines. The number of taxi passengers taking short trips also increased slightly. The number of taxi passengers remained at about 850,000 a day.

( Han Ximin)

Source:Shenzhen Daily | Editor:Yang Lu
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