August 16 - 21, 2011 

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With 50 days prior to the start of sailing competition of 26th Summer Universiade, Shenzhen, we are proud to welcome competitors from 23 countries and regions to sail in the boats supplied by OC.

Superb facilities
Azure water
Good wind
Boats supplied by OC

Racing Venue:
Fleet Racing:Seven Star Bay Marina
Team Racing: Shenzhen Maritime Sports Base& Sailing School

Team Racing Venue

Accommodation and Transport
Competitors will stay in the Universiade Village. It is one-hour drive from the racing venues. Shuttle bus is available.
For more information about Universiade Village:

Racing Boats
To encourage participation, the Organizing Committee has made racing boats available for competitors on a free basis.

Fleet Racing:
470: 25
Laser Standard: 40
Laser Radial: 28
RS:X(Men): 40
RS:X(Women): 40

Team Racing:
T293: 10
Laser Radial: 12
470: 10

List of Jury and Umpires


2011 China National Championship in Seven Star Bay Marina in June, 2011


NOTICE OF RACE FLEET RACING >>> Click to download <<<


NOTICE OF RACE TEAM RACING >>> Click to download <<<




NoR 1.6. Because of the low number of entries in team racing, this article is deleted.


NoR 3.1 and 3.2 are changed according to the FISU Summer Universiade regulation 12.9.3: read now:

A team will consist of “at least one female



According to the FISU regulation, medals will be awarded as follows:

- If there are 3 entries in one category, only gold medals will be awarded to the first team

- If there are 4 entries, only gold and silver medals will be awarded to first and second team


SU Sailing CT chair                                    Principal Race Officer
Roland GALLIOT                                           Qu Chun


Download the Sailing Instructions Flee(the DOC File)

Download the Sailing Instructions Team(the DOC File)

Download the Notice to Sailing Competitors(the DOC File)

Download the Amendment 1 to Sailing Instruction Team Racing(the DOC File)

Download the Notice to Competitors Fleet Racing N°5 and Team Racing N°3 Program of Thursday 18th(the DOC File)

Amendment to Sailing Instructions N°5 for Fleet Racing and  N°4 Team Racing(the DOC File) | Editor:Zhao Xiaochen
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